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iWell Plastic Surgery Clinic Park Bum Jin Became Member of Honor Society

One of the director from Apgujeong iWell Plastic Surgery Clinic threw a membership ceremony at his own clinic 2 days ago. He has became the only Plastic Surgeon member as Honor Society of Community Chest of Korea.

The participation of Dr Park, clinic representative staffs and executives from Seoul Community Chest of Korea has lighten up the event. “To be able to participate in this kind of community gave me a new feeling, and I hope to keep continuously practicing the love and affection in each society” said Dr park. “ I know that a lot of people would think sharing is difficult, but everyone can do it once you decided to and to keep doing contribution together with improving the medical services.
Dr Park has donated 100 million won to Seoul Community Chest of Korea in order to help people and kids in need, as the money will be used for education, groceries, development to increase the quality of their life. Before joining Seoul Community Chest of Korea, he was also noted as member of UNICEF, ChildFund Korea, Korean Compassion, Seoul University alma mater volunteer etc. He also said that he’s planning to keep taking contribution in non-profit organization.

In order to maintain activities in Community Chest of Korea, every Honor Society member needs to donate 100million won temporarily or to sign 5 years contract. The celebs who also listed as Honor Society are Suzy, Yoona, Su-Ae, Hyeon Suk, Kim Bo Seong, Hyeon Yeong etc.